"Music is perhaps the only universal language that everyone has the potential to understand and that can bring humanity together, rather than divide it as is often the case with political, linguistic and cultural differences." (Surendran Reddy)

In 2008 Surendran established an organization entitled F-A-I-R-P-L-A-Y comprising at that time seven of his best friends and supporters – whom he wanted to thank for all their dedicated input in furthering his creative work.

His vision for FAIRPLAY was to unite, utilising for example the unbelievable networking power of the internet, artists all over the world in order to facilitate the realization of their creative goals, without the financial and other hindrances to their work which they often experience.

"Artists are able to achieve significant goals through peaceful though sometimes of necessity confrontational means, making it fully unnecessary to waste one’s own life and the lives of other people in such stupidity as war and the ultimately meaningless accrual of personal wealth."